This is one of the most creative and unique series Mattel has produced over the years of producing scale vehicles. This series has been produced since 1997 and has not stopped producing since 2007, so it has been more than 20 years taking place and making consumers, fans and collectors of the world of motor, enjoy cars that leave no one indifferent.

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    Among its most striking features we must highlight that, as its name suggests, most of its cars come with a design that resembles wild animals, so it is very striking and eye-catching, making even the most demanding collectors fall in love.
    It is therefore necessary to mention several cars that personally seem to me of the most remarkable within this collection.

    Street Beasts remarcable cars

    First of all, the Sharkruiser together with the Arachnorod and the Rodzilla, are the first cars that started from the 2007 series that are completely inspired by animals. Sharks, spiders and even Godzilla inspired Mattel’s creative designers to achieve these amazing designs.
    In subsequent collections, we see the new models that have been made both Sharkruiser and Arachnorod, as well as the innovation of the new model of car with animal resemblance that is nothing more and nothing less than the Storpedo, a car that is born with the shape and resemblance of scorpions.

    But it’s not just animals that inspire them. Dinosaurs, fantastic characters like vampires or designs simply impossible to do in reality, are enough to be part of this magnificent series of collectors that we can get thanks to Hot Wheels. The Street Beasts, can also be obtained through the famous packs of 5 that Mattel makes, and in particular this series, have been made and selling these packs since 2018.
    Therefore, and finally, I must insist that this is a unique and exclusive series, which is difficult to get because they are cars so peculiar that consumers try to get them as soon as possible to add them to their collection, so you should not consider whether to buy it or not and visit as soon as possible our website Friki Monkey to get their beast of the street!

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these two series; Slick-Rides and Realistix.

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