The first ‘Tooned vehicle released was in 2000 First Editions, the Seared Tuner.
It was also released the same year in the Avon Super Tuners set. 8 more were released in the 2003 First Editions.
In 2004 First Editions, they got their own segment, adding 20 more.
From 2005 to 2013, Tooned cars would appear in the mainline but not in their own segment again until HW City Tooned I and II in 2014.

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    From year to year…
    In the 2000 series, major brands are present such as Dodge, Mustang, Pontica, Ford and Cadillac. They are all a little mastoque cars, for the most part they are imposing and made for off-road racing but they remain just as stylish.

    And for those released in 2004, they were with other major brands such as Ferari, Toyota, Chevy, Lamborghini, Corvette and Camaro.

    For this series, they are a little less imposing but still made for big off-road races.
    Some like the Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution are a mixture of a car and a 4×4 that gives a car with excellent condition for racing.
    And we also find a slightly more different range called Mad Propz which are planes, why not crack on a race plane?

    If you’ve been left wanting to continue watching exclusive Hot Whels and somewhat difficult to get, access these two more series, the HW Then and Now , the HW T-Hunt and the HW Surfs Up 

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