Originally called Track Aces, Track Stars are a group of castings that perform exceptionally well on most Hot Wheels track and playsets. Typically, Track Stars are released with plastic bodies and a metal chassis to give them a lower center of gravity making them “stick” to the track all the better. Show More

    • In 2008 Hot Wheels Trick Trackswe’re released.
    • Since about 2014 packages of castings indicate track star status on cars not in the series.
    • 2015 also saw the release of a series of Haulers under the Track Stars name.

    Since 2007 the Track Stars series has been present until today.

    in 2007 a total of twelve cars were released as:

    Pharodox, Subaru Impreza, Split Decision, Backdraft, Flathead Fury, Iridium, Bassline, Anthracite, SpecTyte, Piledriver, Hollowback.

    from 2007 to 2010 the cars that came out were imaginary, i.e. they were not a specific automobile brand, they were designs more aimed at children’s play than at collecting. But from 2011 began to introduce some emblematic cars such as the Batmobile, the Tesla Roadster 2008 a lotus concept, a honda racer, a camaro, a F1 racer, a Mini Cooper, and a Chevelle.

    Imagination returns to the playing field.

    In 2012 the concept of imaginary car was returned, all cars did not belong to any known brand.

    In 2013 and 2014 there were Track Aces and All Stars, but no Track Stars.

    In 2015 the Track Stars Haulers appeared within the Track Stars series such as: Custom Volkswagen Hauler, Hitch N’ Haul, Turbo Beast, Fuel & Fire.

    If you’ve been left wanting to continue watching exclusive Hot Whels and somewhat difficult to get, access these two more series, the Thunderbirds United States Air Force and the Thrill Racers Series.

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