This amazing series was created in 2005 and has been going on ever since. It is a really cool group of cars to consider adding to your collection. There are 84 different models in this collection and a total of 131 varieties, so there are plenty of vehicles to choose from. There are also eight packs in this collection, so if you fancy getting many models at once for a great price, its there!

The models in this collection are characterised by having translucent bodies. This makes it easy to spot out the different details under the cars body, such as the engine. Cool right? Plus, on top of being transparent, there are all different colours available: orange, yellow, green purple, pink, blue…

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    X-Raycers models

    This series is quite interesting when it comes to talking about the models, this is because there are both real and imaginary cars. Well, as real as a translucent car can be… So there are brands such as Ferrari, Chevelle and Mini Cooper, as well as imaginary vehicles like Salt Shaker, Phastasm and Carbonator.

    A personal favourite is the Bullet Proof. This vehicle was first produced in 2013.It actually has a pretty cool history behind, it was first produced using the co-molding technique. This technique meant ejecting two colours of plastic into the mold, but this method only lasted for three years -until 2016-.

    Another great model worth mentioning is the Ferrari 360 Modena. This is a two seater sports car, and a Drop Top-like car, meaning that it is kind of squashed to the ground. This is actually a really good thing because the vehicle being closer to the ground means it can get reach a higher speed on the racing tracks.

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