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The FIA Formula 1 World Championship, better known as Formula 1 or F1, is the world’s most popular and prestigious international motor racing competition and motorsport championship.

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    Each race is called a Grand Prix and the tournament that brings them together is called the Formula 1 World Championship. Most of the race circuits where the Grand Prix are held are autodromes, although street circuits are also used and previously routine circuits were used. At the same time, the cars used are single-seaters with the latest technology available, always limited by technical regulations; some improvements that were developed in Formula 1 ended up being used in commercial cars, such as the disc brake.

    In the Hot Wheels Racing category you will find 1:43 scale models of cars like the Racing Ferrari F2003-GA driven by Rubens Barrichello or others like Michael Schumacher’s Racing Ferrari F399 you can also find the F300 of the same driver. And replicas of Michael Schumacher’s helmet from 1999. Ferrari is a sports car company. It was founded in 1929 by the racing car driver, Enzo Ferrari, under the name of Scuderia Ferrari, building racing cars and, later, in 1947, making sports cars. A category that you will love and in which you will find many replicas of the original Formula 1 cars as well as the helmets of the best known drivers and with more victories on the asphalt. You can find replicas from 1998 to 2004.
    If you are a Formula 1 lover, and especially from the time when it was refueled in the Pit Lane, you must have this model in your collection in scale 1:43.

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