Are you an authentic fan of the Hot Wheels? then you will know that in 2018 were celebrating their 50th anniversary, at a time as marked as that could not leave the opportunity to launch exclusive editions for the most affluent fans of the brand, this time we will see the favorites in its 50 years of successful history.

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    This exclusive collection has a number of 10 cars being the first the 56′ chevy in a brown color reminiscent of the most iconic car in America in the 60s. This model of the chevy has been used since 2008 by Hot Wheels to create different cars in several series such as Classics 4 or larry’s garage.

    Chevy rules in here

    Another model that is included in this collection is the ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser that has also been included in many series, since 2013 is one of the cars most used by the brand in the creation of new collections in fact continue to pull cars from this model in 2019.

    Finally in this collection of the 10 favorite cars of Hot Wheels, we will comment the Chevy Camaro 69′ that began to be made in 2007 by designer Phil Riehlman, its launch was made in the collection Toy Fair and has gone through collections as iconic as Larry’s Garage, Muscle mania, HW Garage or Camaro Fifty. The last edition of this fantastic car dates from 2018 and is, precisely, part of the collection of 50 years favorites.

    In short, we can say that this collection brings together the cars most used by Hot Wheels to create new sets and are obviously also the favorites of users of the brand.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these two series; Shop Trucks, Race World 10.

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