Do you know how many years Hot Wheels has been making those cars you like? Last year was nothing more and nothing less than 50 years, was born as a humble brand in 1968 but now is a leader in the sector and wants to celebrate it with you.

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    With this collection they want to travel to the past, a journey that will take us through the 5 decades that has been making miniature cars for everyone, adults and children, 5 decades that have given for much and in which based on dedication and effort have been made with a large gap in the industry.

    Travelling to the past we will see the most iconical cars of the brand, the most sold and the most appreciated by collectors.

    Be carefull, this territory is domained by Ford and Chevrolet.

    With a first glance and simply looking at the brands of cars that appear in this collection we realize that it is Ford and Chevrolet territory, with the appearance of 5 different models of Ford mustang, several models of corvette and a few camaro.

    The devotion to ford mustang is more than rational given the mythical condition that has this model in American pop culture and the multiple appearances of different models in Hollywood cinema, this is clearly reflected in the amount of Ford mustang that has launched Hot Wheels to the miniature car market and the great response received by their fans.

    To finish we can say, without fear of being mistaken, that this trip to the past takes us to Ford’s domain in this incredible world of the collector.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these three series; Wild Wave Collections, Easter Series and Retro Classics Style.

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