We’re celebrating! In 2018, the Japanese company celebrated its 70 years of history with a very special vehicle. Everything points to the fact that the successor to the Honda S2000, which has been commented on so many times, will finally see the light of day that same year on the occasion of the commemoration of the event.
Apart from this new model, the Hot Wheels brand also launched a collection to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Honda. The collection consists of the following models: ’85 Honda CR-X, 1990 Honda Civic EF, Honda Civic Si (2001), Honda Civic Si (2006), Honda Monkey Z50, Honda Racer, Honda S2000, Honda Odyssey.
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    Honda Monkey Z50, the mistress of two wheels.

    The Honda Monkey Z50 is a mold of the iconic Honda Z50 motorcycle manufactured from the mid-1960s that will be discontinued by the end of the summer of 2017. The model consists of an unpainted metal base, plastic handlebars and one-piece seat, and a painted metal fuel tank part. The tank acts as a pin, holding the plastic seat and handlebar piece to the base. The nickname ‘Mono’ used in the casting name derives from the position pilots take while holding the handlebars, which resembles a gorilla or ape that uses its arms to stay upright. This foundry is the oldest Japanese vehicle produced by Hot Wheels from 2017. This model is one of the most special of the collection although each and every one of them are authentic works of art. If you like this collection you may also be interested in the set of Camaro Fifty, Hall of fame or Hot Rod magazine.

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