Ready to walk the streets of Gotham? The Batmobile is the transportation that Batman commonly uses to get around Gotham City. It’s a vehicle, whose design is reminiscent of the batman’s suit, equipped with special artifacts, either because it has been destroyed or because it needed updating. Batman has regularly changed from Batmobile either because they have been destroyed or in new versions of comic books or movies. All Batmobile models are in the Batcave, where they are designed and manufactured. Hot Wheels has lost the license to make more Batman-inspired models but don’t worry, at Friki Monkey we have most of them.

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    The most emblematic Batmobile…

    One of the most emblematic Batmobiles 1966 TV Series Batmobile. It’s a casting based on the Batmobile that appears in the original Batman TV series. The model premiered in the New Models of 2007. The Batmobile itself was created in the astonishingly short time of three weeks by custom car guru George Barris, who had previously purchased the only 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept Car. With new 60’s-style wheel arches, a few bat-style studs and a layer of black paint, the Space Age Futura began a new life as a means of transporting the Dark Knight.

    Another symbolic model is the casting of The Dark Knight Batmobile (Tumbler), which is based on the Batmobile from the films Batman Begins, The Dark Night and The Dark Knight Rises. The mold was modified in 2009 to incorporate the rear section “tail” as part of the upper body, so it is no longer a separate piece. The front of the model has also been simplified between the wheels.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these series; Real-riders-series, Hot-Wheels-anime-series.

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