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The BMW category contains many of the fastest vehicles in our catalog. We can find all types of BMWs from 1978 vehicles to the most current models. This collection will not leave you indifferent, as it has all kinds of models, such as super popular cars adapted for circuit.You’ll find cars built to race.

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    This collection has debuted with models as popular as BMW M3 GT2, one of the casting that was designed by Fraser Campbell. This high-performance version of the M3 series features a large rear spoiler, wider wheel fenders and an upgraded 485 horsepower engine.

    BMW is more than drift!

    Another interesting casting of the collection is the fantastic ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car designed by  Fraser Campbell, The Hot Wheels is based off the CSL that won in the European Touring Car Championship. A wonderful car to collect.

    Discover in our collection other models like the BMW M1 this car is  the first of the M cars and employs a 3.5 L M88/1 petrol 6-cylinder engine with Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection. The M1 coupe was built between 1978 and 1981 under the motorsport division of BMW as a homologation special for sports car racing and hand-made!

    If you like motorcycles we also have the fantastic bike BMW K1300 R. The BMW K1300R is a naked motorcycle made by BMW from 2008 to 2015. When launched, it replaced the K1200R as BMW’s flagship urban motorcycle.

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