Are you ready for this incredible collection? The boulevard collection has been around since 2012, leaving us all with our mouths open with incredible cars that don’t leave any car collector indifferent.

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    This collection is divided into different castings as they are: Ahead of Its Time, Big Hits, Concept Cars, Legends, Show Rods, Underdogs and Boulevard 30 Car Set, all of them 2012 collections, and then in 2013 they released 4 different mixes. All the cars in this collection are very varied cars and that in principle have no relationship between them, some of these as the porch 993 GT2, the corvette C6R, or the Ford Gt among others, are sportier cars, others that we can easily find on the streets as a Ford Bronco, a Ford Fiesta, a Renault 5 or a Honda Civic, and we also have custom cars or even invented. In addition, this collection includes cars of many different types such as normal cars, coupe, sports, vans, trucks, hot rod, classics, and even very exclusive cars such as the Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept.

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    If you do not have any type of favorite car or any style defined in your collection, this is the collection that suits you as it does not bet on any particular line and bets on variety in all its line. In addition, this collection also allows you to have among your cars, some very exclusive and eye-catching that will make people notice them and ask you how to get them. It is without a doubt a very complete collection that cannot be missing from your shelf or showcase.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these three series; happy 4th of july, seein 3 d series, japan historics 2.

    Take advantage of this opportunity and complete your collection at Friki Monkey!


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