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The American classics are one of your favorites and among them this mythical model of one of the best American brands par excellence. The Chevrolet Camaro turned 50 in 2017, as it perfectly meets all the demands of a true fan of mileage racing at ¼, and that’s why Hot Wheels decided to launch a collection called Camaro Fifty, consisting of 8 models.

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    Getting this collection is something undoubtedly wonderful, which leads you to have among your cars the most historic models of this car that was designed to challenge the Ford Mustang in the Pony Car segment. Currently both the Camaro and Mustang together with the Dodge Challenger are the national pride of American cars and are considered the largest contributions to the world of motoring by the American industry.

    The Camaro, everyone better!

    The Camaro series began with the ’67 Chevrolet Camaro, which was the first car the brand marketed under this name. Without a doubt this moment marked a before and after within the American brand, because when we think of Chevrolet we think of Camaro. It is their hallmark and they are proud of it. That’s why the brand has never stopped manufacturing this model adapting it to each moment and modernizing it over time.

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