Are you ready for one of the most exclusive collections? The series of publisher number 1 premiered in 2000 with an incredible collection of cars in which predominantly unique American cars that delight fans of this type of cars. This collection will not disappoint you and will do that the only thing you want is to continue buying cars to complete it.


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    Ready to give gas?

    The series 1 in fact was the first of 2 series that bring together some of the most iconic cars of brands such as Chevrolet, Ford or Chrysler. As we can see this series is characterized by having among its ranks some of the most popular American classics, both from the time when they went on sale and today. Among these cars we can find some like ´68 Mustang, ´67 Camaro, ´57 chevy and many more. All of them are cars that marked an era and continue to do so because despite the passage of time people continue to seek, personalize and care for them with much affection, to preserve these true jewels of engineering.

    Within this series we can also find different types of cars in which we include vans, hot rod cars or American sports cars that just see them make you want to take a road, step on the accelerator and forget all your problems.

    Without a doubt this collection will take you to remember these same sensations from your own home and get you to fall in love with these authentic 4-wheeled machines.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these two series; Flying-customs, Car-Donuts and Superman.

    Are you sure you can stop this opportunity? Take advantage now and start or complete your fantasy collection with FrikiMonkey!

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