Ready for one of the most impressive Hot Wheels collections? Since 2013, the Flying Customs collection offers you a wide range of cars that take you back to the past with retro decorations and big tires like the ones before.
Within this collection you will find very varied cars in which besides more classic cars you will find new models that make their debut in the series, as well as some modifications in the materials of the cars and different characteristics.


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    Incredible collection!

    This collection consists of 6 different sets with 4 or 5 cars for each set in which we can find very different cars even within each set, such as: a ´69 COPP Corvette and a Dumpin´A within the set 1, a Sheriff Patrol and a ´73 Ford Gran Torino within the set 2 or a ´81 Camaro and a King Special within the set 4. We can also find other cars in the collection as spectacular as the Porsche 914-6, the Porche 935/78, a ´69 Camaro, a ´70 Oldsmobile 442, a Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R, among many others. As we can see within the sets are both American cars, as European or Asian.

    This is a collection that without a doubt will leave you without words and if you like cars of different styles, without a doubt this is your collection. It also offers you the opportunity that, within the great variety of cars, are also personalized cars and with different features that makes it a unique collection that from 2013 does not stop surprising all fans of hot wheels.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these series; Car-Donuts, Superman and Larrys-Garage.

    Do not miss this opportunity and complete your collection here at FrikiMonkey!




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