This is one of the series created by Mattel of Hot Wheels perfect for those who are fans of Ford cars that have been customized: Ford Series 1.

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The Ford Series 1 is really one of the 16 subseries into which the 100% Preferred series is divided, which are characterized most of them by being composed of four different models with two color variants.

The key is in the exclusivity…

As mentioned above, the series is made up of four different models, including the 2001 Ford Focus in blue or purple, the 2002 Custom Cougar in white or orange, the 1965 Mustang in silver or black, and the 1967 Mustang in silver or red. Among them I would like to highlight two of them: the Ford Focus and the 1967 Mustang.

On the one hand, the Ford Focus of 2001, which stands out for its ease of driving. Its 115 hp engine has a mechanics full of energy and a high level of power. Its acceleration is from 0 to 100 km/h – 9.3 seconds. On the other hand, we can say that with the Mustang of 1967 the front grille returned with a design of vertical and horizontal bars maintaining, as always, the emblem of the horse running. It was built bigger than the Falcon in order to mount more powerful engines such as a V8 engine of 428 cubic inches and 335 hp.

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