Ready for a single series? The Grave Rave series is a very peculiar series made up only of 4 very exclusive cars of exotic origin, more specifically from China and Malaysia, two countries on the Asian continent. Surely this has aroused your curiosity for this series.


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    Prepared for a unique series?

    This series consists of the 4 cars mentioned above. The first two cars are the Evil Twin Pearl White and the Krazy 8s Metalflake Dark Red. These two cars are the ones from China and without any doubt they are two very eye-catching cars with some very groundbreaking designs. On the other hand we find the two cars from Malaysia, which are the Rigor Motor and Combat Medic, Metallic Silver and Flat Black respectively. Like the other two components of the series these cars do not cease to be less striking and make us look at them almost automatically. However, the last car in the collection is a little out of the line of the other 3 cars because it is a van that dislocates us a little from the line that came following the collection, but certainly does not fail to attract attention and its appearance reminds us of a food truck or a van of an authentic rock group of ´70.

    With this series we will get to have a very prominent and different section within our collection that will make any fan ask us about these cars.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these two series; Editors choice series 1, Flying customs and Cars-donuts.

    In FrikiMonkey we offer you to complete your collection, do not miss this fantastic opportunity!


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