You know Hot Rod magazine? Are you a Hot Rod fan? Do you like Hot Wheels? What do you say we put these three aspects together, mix them up a little bit and get a line of miniature cars based on Hot Rod’s famous magazine? Well, in this collection we put it together and put it at your disposal so that you can join them in your collection.

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    This mainline collection made its appearance in the year 2000 in which they released 4 different models. Its first model would be the phaeton, followed by the Track T, the Trail Dragger and probably the best known of the four that would be the ’33 Ford Roadster.

    They would only take out two collections in conjunction with hot wheels and the next and last series came out in 2002 with 4 other cars highlighting among them the last of the series the ’70 Plymouth Roadrunner, which is one of the cars most used by the brand hot wheels for the creation of their miniature cars.

    Hot Rod represent the real devotion to drag Racing.

    The Hot Rod magazine is a monthly magazine produced in America and is focused on hot rodding, muscle cars and drag racing. This magazine was born in January 1948 and is the oldest dedicated to this type of cars.

    Such is the devotion to this peculiar type of cars that between 1961 and 1969 the magazine hosted the Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drag Races in Riverside Raceway. The championship offered a US$37,000 prize, greater even than a National Hot Rod Association national event prize at the time.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these other three series; Forza motorsport, Euro Style and Disney Classic.

    Complete the collection and feel part of the Hot Rod magazine!

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