The Hot Wheels Anime Series, is an old series that is no longer in force, that is to say we would not find in any toy store any car of this already extinct series if we were hunting, therefore it is a luxury if you have any of these as there are very few who were designed, having one of these is like having a small jewel of four wheels without counting that in turn have a spectacular graphic design of different animations of Japanese anime.

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    This series began at the beginning of the new millennium in 2001 specifically, in 2002 no car came out under the name of this series and in 2003 unfortunately made its last release.

    Here are the vehicles that came out in those years:

    2001 Anime Series mainline segment:

    1. Muscle Tone color Metalflake Green. Black, silver & green tampos
    2. Ford GT-90 color White. ZAMAC
    3. Dodge Charger R/T color Yellow
    4. Olds Aurora GTS-1 color Light Blue.


    Japanese cars are just more creative

    2003 Hot Wheels Anime mainline segment:

    1. Seared Tuner, color Primer Gray, with Various Anime Tampos Kanji Character “速!” Meaning ‘Fast’ in Japanese.
    2. Jaguar D-Type, color Matte black, Mech robot in white Kanji Character “速!” Meaning ‘Fast’ in Japanese.
    3.  ’68 Mercury Cougar, one in Dark Orange and other in Red, Tampos White, Red and Black Anime
    4.  Olds Aurora GTS-1 colorFlat Dark Green, Anime-styled Samurai figure Kanji “速!” Meaning ‘Fast’in Japanese.
    5.  Olds 442 W-30 color Blue, with Anime Tampos an Kanji “速!” Meaning ‘Fast’ in Japanese

    One of the things not to be worried about, is that in this series in none of the two years there was even a Treasure Hunt and no Super Treasure Hunt, so there is no reason to look for them, just enjoy the search for any car in this small but great series.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these three series; 50 Years Favorites, Shop Trucks and Race Worls ’10

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