This series is perfect for those true fans of the most classic cars turned into unique cars. The Kool and Kustom series.

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This series belongs to a main series characterized by using the castings of other Hot Wheels and packing them in an individual acrylic box, the 2005 Showcase Hot Wheels. The Kool and Kustom series, like the rest of the subseries, consists of four different cars which are usually found in specialist Hobby shops as they are different colour versions with a higher quality case, although you can also find them in the typical long Hot Wheels menu.

More than just cars…

As already mentioned, the series consists of four different car models: the Bizarro in yellow or red, the ’49 Merc in blue or orange, the CheZoom lilac or silver and red and the ’52 Chevy blue. Among this series we must highlight the ’49 Merc and ’52 Chevy, two classics difficult to forget.

The engine of the ’49 Merc was V-8 361 cubic inches flat head with 110 hp and put the car in just 10.2 seconds at 100 km / h, a level that is still almost standard for most general sedans today. In addition, it was longer, lower, and wider than other cars of the time, offering a novel design, with attractive curves. Some improvements were added to the subsequent 1950-51 versions, but the charisma of the first 1949 Mercury Eight made it an immortal model.

The ’52 Chevy was a more massive and heavy car, with rounded and conservative lines. The 6-cylinder engine of 235 cubic inches was supplied with 2 powers given by the compression ratio and the standard transmission in all models was the 3-speed manual and the 2-speed automatic Powerglide.

You can not miss this incredible and original series of classic cars more mythical custom. But if you do not find what you were looking for your collection you can search in the following links: 70th Anniversary of Honda, Hot Wheels Camaro Fifty, Hall of Fame

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