Larry Wood has been with Mattel’s Hot Wheels since 1969. In 1995 Larry bought his garage. A place for him to work on his real cars, display his enormous Hot Wheels collection and put up his automotive art collection. Since 1995, Larry has always dreamed of coming up with a line of his own. That was then and this is now; Larry is very proud to introduce to the public 20 of his own hand selected and designed Hot Wheels.

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    Each casting was either designed by Larry or chosen by Larry for it’s relationship to the Hot Wheels brand and himself. Larry as usual, hand drew the graphics for each model, they were meticulously grafted onto the cars by Hot Wheels’ exceptional graphics team.

    The Larry’s garage logo comes from 13th Floor Design.

    When you find any Larry Wood’s Signature on the bottom base of any these Die-casts listed below in this series only, it’s now being called the Signature Series. They are limited and becoming very hard to find.
    21st Car;

    Available through Toy’s R US was the, Larry’s Garage 21-Car Set. There were only 5000 sets made, and all the cars in this set come in an exclusive colour scheme.
    The 21st Car was the “Pass’n Gasser”.

    This is a list of Larry’s Garage released in Late 2008 for 2009.

    1. ’69 Ford Mustang                                  01/20
    2. ’56 Chevy                                                02/20
    3. Metrorail Nash Metropolitan             03/20
    4. Classic Packard                                     04/20
    5. Wild Thing                                             05/20
    6. ’67 Pontiac GTO                                    06/20
    7. ’63 Split Window Corvette                  07/20
    8. ’32 Ford Delivery                                  08/20
    9. ’57 Chevy Bel Air                                   09/20
    10. Purple Passion                                     10/20
    11. 3-Window ’34                                        11/20
    12. Dairy Delivery                                      12/20
    13. ’68 Cougar                                             13/20
    14. T-Bucket                                                14/20
    15. So Fine                                                    15/20
    16. Shift Kicker                                           16/20
    17. ’69 Chevy Camaro                                17/20
    18. ’33 Ford Roadster                                18/20
    19. Bone Shaker                                          19/20
    20. ’70 Mercury Cyclone                          20/20

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