The Race World series was released in 2010. There are 12 different subdivisions. It is divided into Speedway, Movie Stunts, Beach, City, Underground, Desert, Highway, Battle, Earth, Cave, Volcano and Jungle. In the different categories there are then different many cars, which were published then also in different years but all only after or in the year 2010.

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    The diffrents categories

    In the different categories there are also many different car models. From sports or even racing cars to fire trucks. It depends on the subcategory. In the subcategory Speedway there are sports and racing cars, in the category. Movie Stunt there are everything possible cars motorcycles and even helicopters. In the category Beach there are beach buggys and off-road vehicles. In the category City there are fire engines or ambulances. You notice that in the Race World series everyone is there and there were only four of the twelve different categories. Of course, everything looks very sporty. The underground continues where the Hot Wheels have the shape of animals. In the Desert the cars are all placed a little higher or they are quads because otherwise you can’t race so well through the desert.
    In the Highway category, there are of course sports cars and motorcycles, because on a beautifully built Highway with a motorcycle can drive better than on the beach or the desert. In a battle there are of course powerful cars with a lot of power because a battle does not want to lose. In this category there is even a tank. In the category earth the Hot Wheels are things of the earth like fire or water. In the category Cave the Hot Wheels are again represented as animals, especially as scorpions. In the category volcano the cars are covered with flames. And last but not least the category Jungle many cars are green because of the colour in the Jungle.

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