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Real Riders were a concept developed by Bob Rosas and Larry Wood to appeal to the adult collector.  Bob Rosas, Hot Wheels Designer and Engineer 1969-1989, has said that, “We were aware that many older collectors, really liked the realistic aspects of Hot Wheels, and real rubber tires and white lettering with mag style wheels were a natural.” 

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    Within our category you will find cars very powerful and strong. One of our models is the 2015 Backwoods Bomb Real Riders.

    A sturdy car from the ’70s,  this model was born as a truck for a long travelling or for stay in a  camping. This truck is orange with some details of flames on the left, on the right ando in front of the car.

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    Another of our cars is the BMW 2002 Real Riders it has Black & Blue stripes on sides, ’02’ and Goodyear logo on the other side.

    This magnificent car was one of those cars that made history not only within BMW but set a precedent for what would be BMW models in the future, as well as many of the competition. At the time 2002 was presented, the concept of a sports saloon-coupé was applicable to few models and, as if that were not enough, 2002 was the embryo from which the M3s would come out.

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