Are you ready for a collection that will take you back to the most classic years in the world of motoring? This collection brings some of the most retro and striking designs within any of the series that you can find in the market.

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    Let’s attract attention!

    This collection includes classic cars such as the Chevrolet El Camino del 68, El Twin Mill, or the Plymouth Arrow of 77, and others like the Toyota Pickup of 77. All the cars in this series come with striking designs and very singular and daring. They are designs that include paintings and graphics that will make it impossible for people not to look as they pass in front of them, with bright and shrill colors. In addition, these cars include details such as large exhaust pipes, very eye-catching air vents, large spotlights, lots of chrome details, or eye-catching tires, which give the cars a unique and singular appearance. You may more or less like the style of this collection, but I bet you can’t help but notice it.
    It is undoubtedly a series to have in your collection, but be careful because with so much brightness between its rows can dazzle and displace other pieces of the same. In addition, the cars in this collection not only stand out for their appearance, but are great cars in themselves and some of them very appreciated within the collectors so you will have a 2×1 so to speak, on the one hand, eye-catching and unique cars and another of great value for themselves.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these series; Eurospeed, Gran turismo series and Steel Stamps series.

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