The Shop Trucks series is from 2018 and includes five different trucks: the Subaru Brat, the Volkswagen Caddy, the 60s Ford Econoline Pickup, the Custom 62 Chevy Pickup and the 83 Chevy Silverado. So there are three American trucks: the two Chevys and the Ford. Then there’s a German from Volkswagen and a Japanese truck from Subaru.

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    The diffrent design

    As I said, there are five different Hot Wheels in this series. All have inscriptions on the doors that is one of the similarities. They are also all trucks that look a bit similar in shape except for the Ford. Every truck has a loading area at the back, but the Ford looks very different from the front because it has no hood but is flat and all the others have a hood.

    The Ford is in a cool red but doesn’t really have a truck shape. On the doors there is a big sticker and white lines that go very well with the red. The Subaru is in yellow it has more stickers than the Ford but also on the door. The Subaru also has stripes but orange and black which also match the yellow. Another sticker is on the bonnet. The 62 Chevy pickup is in grey and has a striking logo on the door. The 83 Chevy is in black and also has a logo on the door and orange stripes on the door and hood, the orange goes very well with the black. Last but not least we have the Volkswagen he is in a very light brown has the Volkswagen logo on the door and to the left of the logo stands service, in addition he has green stripes.

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