Are you ready for a collection that won’t leave anyone indifferent? The Steel Stampo series arrived in 1995 and is undoubtedly a unique collection that, as its name indicates, leaves a mark on the body of the cars that could be assimilated to a seal that makes each of the cars in the collection unique.

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    This collection could well be said to unite the collectors of both styles of both Hot Wheels stamps and cars. In this collection we will be able to find cars of classic style, assimilating to cars that could remember us to the cars that used the mafiosos in their time, cars also of more modern type with spoilers and of sport style, classic vans or a classic as it is the Chevy of the 57, everything a prodigy of the engineering and one of the cars more appreciated by the collectors, so much in the real version as in the version of cars of Hot Wheels.

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    A peculiarity of this series is that in the same year they launched another series under the same name, but with a pack of two cars in the same letter, a rare thing to see inside Hot Wheels and that many people have not seen. In this second version only removed a pack of two cars in the same letter and both were previously in the first version thing curious because they could have done one way of the two, but preferred to do it separately and then join the most classic car of the series with the most modern car of the same.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these series; Hot Whheels Racing, Tony Hawk skate series and complete series.

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