Are you ready to get to know our fantastic Superman category? The superhero collection arose after the 1978 release of Superman’s blockbuster American film based on the comic book character Superman.

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    This collection consists of a Hot Wheels car with a very special model a ’71 Chevy El Camino.

    This car is not the original model of the movie but it is an authentic collector’s piece designed by Abe Lugo in 2017. The tandem produced in Thailand has an exclusive style, in the front of the car is the famous superhero logo with the original colors (red and yellow) adorned with lines in black and red to make it more visual. We can not leave aside the spectacular images of the sides of the vehicle where Superman flies over the streets of the invented city of Metropolis.

    All these exceptional details make it an authentic treasure.

    Superman is already part of the story…

    The car is a truck with a big chassis and ready to get anything you want. It seems to be very spacious and more importantly, very appealing.

    Add this unique car to your collection in this category Superman.



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