The Tony Hawk Skate Series category will not leave you indifferent. Do you like different vehicles, with personality, unique? Then this category is undoubtedly yours.
Within Tony Hawk Skate Series you will find both racing cars and more traditional vans as well as vans made for you.

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    The first model I want to present is the Rigor Motor, a blue car made of metal and very peculiar, has some details in silver that you have not seen before a very special model. Made in Malaysia by the unthinkable designer Bruce Baur who took care of the smallest detail to make it fantastic. It began producing in 1994 and you can find it in many different models and shapes. A surprising car that can not miss in your collection.

    Lovely cars…

    In this same category we also have cars like the sporty Sol-Aire CX-4 a car designed by Larry Wood since 1984 based on the Aston Martin and Nimrod’s. A vehicle with very aggressive lines with a large aileron in the back and small windows typical of a racing car. Decorated with flames at the top and an elevation at the rear that makes it tremendously characteristic.
    A more traditional but sensational car is the Speed Blaster also designed by Larry Wood for the first time in 1991. With soft and not so aggressive lines it is still a stupendous first class sports car with the engine visible on the back. Haven’t you added it to your collection yet?

    The last vehicle you’ll find in the Tony Hawk Skate Series category is the incredible Combat Medic van, which began production in 1986. A unique piece full of details and history.

    A category that won’t leave you indifferent. If you want to see more like this look complete sets, ford series and kool kustom.

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