Have you seen our wild Wild Wave Collectibles collection? Ready to become an expert surfer? This category is full of surprises, was launched in the year was a sub-segment of the 2003 Mainline and consisted of the following five cars. This collection will not leave you indifferent, as it has all kinds of models, such as super popular cars adapted for circuit, as the 4×4 more cane and some of the most solvent imaginary models for the track.

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    This collection has models such as the famous 1969 El Camino, Surf Crate, ’40’s Woodie, Deora II and Backdraft (originally released in the 2002 First Editions). Models designed exclusively for this collection adapted for people who like the beach and surfboards.

    The waves are coming…

    The ’69 El Camino features a blown engine just behind the cab and spoiler at the back. This is one haulin’ hauler! In 2007, this tool was modified to have a tonneau cover on back. The ’69 El Camino is based on the Chevrolet vehicle of the same name, and has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions. Designed by Phil Riehlman to make this model the car of your dreams.

    The designer Greg Padginton created an imaginary car like the Surf Crate, a car with magnificent details designed exclusively for Hot Wheels.

    Another one of our cars is the ’40’s Woodie. This casting was first released into the lineup in 1980 as a “Hi-Raker”. This was a special series that allowed the rear axle to change its height when pulled down, changing the angle of how the vehicle sits, giving it a “raked” hot rod appearance. Only the very first release of the ’40’s Woodie had smooth side panels. All other versions released afterwards have a wood-grain texture to the side panels.

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