Throughout the years there has always been a date that stands out from the rest of the year. Christmas. It is a date where dreams can come true, Christmas is magical. Hot Wheels didn’t want to be less than the rest of the companies, and in 2016 it launched special editions of its models. Show More

    Under the normal mainline models, they added a few small snowflakes, making these blisters editions much sought after by collectors. It is actually the same version as its brother, the normal mainline, but with the difference of the design of the letter.

    In Friki Monkey you can find these.

    In Friki Monkey we have only two such models, The Lamborghini Urus of the HW Hot Trucks series and the Hot Wheels Back to the Future The Time Machine- Hover Mode of the HW Screen Time series. Both models arouse indescribable sensations in us, the Lamborghini Urus for the novelty of the model, as well as for being the first Lamborghini in SUV format, so popular in these times. However, the Time Machine Hover Mode still generates more excitement, as Back To The Future is one of the sagas of cinema that has reaped more success and more expectation has generated, by the novelty of the theme and how well done the films are, and if we add that this version is in which The Time Machine travels over time, we have a perfect model for lovers of Hot Wheels.

    Friki Collector, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t waste, as it’s very complicated to get these versions. So, don’t wait any longer, add them to the shopping cart and increase the value of your collection. You will really be the envy of all fellow collectors. In short, your garage will increase in cache!

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