In Friki Monkey we are fans of Schumi, for his career, his desire to improve year after year, and his charisma that made him so special. And from here we want to pay him a small tribute with this assortment of cars, and wish him a speedy recovery. The hearts of the champions are unbeatable!  Show More
Michael Schumacher’s special collection is made up of the models that have been emblematic in the career of this single-seater phenomenon. From the Benetton Ford B191 to the Ferrari F2004. You will be able to enjoy some authentic models of collection of the Paul’s Model Art line to scale to 1:43 and 1:87. The models have a very high level of detail and their wheels are RealRiders, but this is not the normal street wheels, but competition slicks and in a particular model has the wheels to run in wet, ie rain. Incredible!
Aerodynamics is very important in these cars and Paul’s Model Art has put a lot of emphasis on achieving extremely realistic models. You can enjoy watching the air filter through thousands of corners offered by these models, to get closer to the ground and get better lap times.
If you are a fan of Michael Schumacher or a lover of Formula 1 get these models and add them to your shopping cart to make your collection, an incredible selection and within reach of very few by the difficulty of finding these models.

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