Benetton Renault, an alliance that took a long time to arrive but paid off when Fernando Alonso won two consecutive world championships.

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    Benetton and his first GP.

    His first grand prize was Brazil 1983, in which two green monoplazas lined up: The Tyreell 011/B Cosworth. Their first victory was in the U.S. GP of the same year; it was only then that the clothing brand realized the advertising display that meant winning a GP, so they decided to sponsor another team of more weight: The Euroracing Alfa Romeo.

    Despite obtaining some good results, Benetton were not at ease with the mess of the whole. Trying to help a team with financial problems and get out of the Euroracing mess, Benetton bought Toleman in 1985.

    Benetton and BMW, with a beneficiary, Gerhard Berger.

    The Benetton Formula car proved to be competitive, so BMW committed itself to supplying engines, on condition that they hired the driver Gerhard Berger.In 1986, Benetton achieves its first victory.

    Benetton and Ford.

    For the following year, Ford engines are provided, marking a fruitful alliance. From then on, the team began to undergo changes that would strengthen it to achieve better results in the future.

    Benetton, Briatore and Piquet.

    In 1989, Luciano Benetton asked one of his trusted managers, Flavio Briatore, to make the team profitable. For 1990, Briatore hires Nelson Piquet, who achieves a fourth place for Benetton.

    Michael Schumacher

    By 1991, Briatore was impressed with the talent of a young man who got behind the wheel of a Jordan for a career: Michael Schumacher. Briatore immediately hired Schumacher, and put him behind the wheel of a Benetton in Italy in 1991. The following year, Schumacher won his first GP.

    In 1994, the circus had only three big stars: Senna and Hill in Williams and Schumacher in Benetton. With Senna’s tragic death, Hill crumbled; but in the last race, in which he could have snatched the title from Schumacher, both crashed, with the German taking the first driver’s title for Benetton.

    Schumacher to Ferrari, together with half a team.

    Although in the 9th the title was again for Benetton, the fall of the team was glimpsed when Briatore could not prevent Schumacher from leaving to go to Ferrari.

    Paradoxically, those who led Benetton to glory were the ones who led him to the descent. Schumacher, when leaving, took almost all the men behind his success and Briatore also left.

    Benetton and Renault.

    In 2000, Renault regained control of the team, returning Briatore to the team and achieving with Fisichella the sixth place. 2001 was Renault’s year of testing on behalf of Benetton, to be launched in 2002 as an independent team. Achieving a very good fourth place this year, Renault demonstrated that it can become the head of the circus along with teams like Williams and McLaren.

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