“Any car that merely takes you from A-B does not go far enough.” – August Horch

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    From 0 to Audi.

    Audi’s story begins in 1899, when August Horch founded his car company known as A. Horch & Cie. Motorwagenwerke. A decade later, he established what was his second automobile manufacturing company, Audi Automobilwerke, a name he chose when he ruled he could no longer use his last name, “Horch” which translated means “listen”. That’s why August translated it into Latin, which definitely gave rise to Audi.

    The Ingolstadt headquarters in Bavaria has not been used since its inception. In 1949, after World War II, the brand decided to convert what was originally an Auto Union spare parts depot into its new headquarters. This decision was confirmed in 1964, when the Volkswagen Group acquired a majority stake in Auto Union, which had been controlled by the Daimler Group since 1958.

    What does the Audi logo mean?

    The German manufacturer has always been associated with the four rings that have served as its emblem since the 1930s. This logo symbolises precisely the union between four independent car manufacturers, the same ones that refer to Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, whose interlaced emblems such as rings represented Auto Union AG, at that time the second largest automotive industry group in Germany.

    It would be in 1969 when the arrival of NSU, led to the change of name to the current Audi AG, initially using an oval emblem of garnet color, which would give way later to the four years we know today. Obviously the design has evolved over the years, even received the chrome that looks today, however, has always remained the form.

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