The BMW brand has always had a great relationship with Hot Wheels cars because it has shaped some of the most attractive and sought after models by collectors. This is how we have seen some truly reliable representations of the originals, allowing everyone to have a BMW in our hands without having to make a millionaire spending.

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The bmw hot wheels are a perfect demonstration of the advantages and benefits of collecting this type of toy cars that are liked by children and adults alike. How many possibilities would we have of being able to acquire a car of this enormous power or even two? Well with models like BMW M4 hot wheels or the BMW 2002 hot wheels we have the possibility to do it without any problem. Do you dare to discover what are some of the most famous Hot Wheels toy cars in relation to the BMW brand? ¡Let’s go!

BMW 2006 Collection

In April 2006, it was put on sale what is considered one of the most important collections of bmw hot wheels for sale in history. Known as bmw hot wheels 2016 in collectors circles, this collection was formed by a total of 8 car models that you can imagine that right now, more than 10 years after its creation, they have become a great collector’s item.

The different models of the collection are the following: hot wheels bmw m1, ’92 BMW M3, hot wheels bmw e36 M3 Race, hot wheels bmw 2002 blue, hot wheels bmw m3 gt2, bmw m3 hot wheels, bmw z4 hot wheels and BMW K 1300 R. These eight cars not only showed a great design that made them unique, but also sported different colored bodies of the most attractive. The BMW M1, for example, was a dark red color that gave it enormous strength and intensity, while the hot wheels rc bmw m3 surprised by the elegance with which it had been chosen its blue color. At present, the eight cars are highly sought after and define the collections of those Hot Wheels enthusiasts who have obtained the best pieces.

100th Anniversary Collection

As a way to celebrate the anniversary of one of the most important car brands in history, Hot Wheels added new vehicles to its collection of toy cars. It was the turn of the presentation of the bmw 100th anniversary hot wheels collection, which was added to the catalog of 2016 with incredible results. Unlike other occasions, this time only five exclusive cars had been designed, so it was easier to make sure to have the complete collection. They also arrived in 2016, a year in which collectors thanks to the Internet had already learned a lot. This has made the units sell faster and now these five vehicles are a collector object of great value for those who have them and also for those who have not yet achieved them.

This anniversary collection consists of the models: ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car, hot wheels bmw 2002 white, hot wheels bmw k 1300 r, hot wheels bmw m4 and hot wheels bmw z4. One aspect to keep in mind is that Hot Wheels had the idea that these cars were not available in a single color and as an anniversary form sold them in many other editions. This is how you could see models like the hot wheels bmw 2002 green or the hot wheels bmw m4 red. Getting them all is really difficult and has become a great goal for collectors of this collection hot wheels 2016 bmw.

The bmw hot wheels car are very important in the market and not only limited to these collections. Throughout the years, a multitude of bmw hot wheels set toy cars have been on sale for fans of the brand and Hot Wheels in general. Collectors first try to have at least one car of each model to make a good hot wheels bmw set and then complement them with other colors so that their collection grows. Do you dare to get cars like the hot wheels bmw i8, the hot wheels.

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