It all began in 1899 when the Turin painter Giovanni Carpanetto created the first logo from an advertisement. A parchment with the company name: Fabrica Italiana di Automobili Torino and the chassis number of the vehicle which were then carriages. After two years, the company switched from carriages to cars and the acronym FIAT becomes the protagonist.

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New change in 1904, goodbye to the social name and chassis number to give way to a logo where only the word FIAT can be read. This anagram would be placed for the first time on the radiator of the vehicles and would last longer than the previous ones. Specifically until 1921, when the logo was replaced by a circular and more laureate one, inspired by competition.

Only four years lasted them since, in 1925, they changed the spelling and the colours returning to the predominance of blue. The Fiat 509, the first utility vehicle of the brand produced in large series was the first car to display this logo on its front.

And back again to read in 1931, but also leaving the circular shapes to move to a vertical rectangle with very elongated letters. Farewell to the round logo born in competition and farewell to the participation in races. Small changes in 1932 and somewhat deeper in 1938, when it acquired a shield shape and was used in military vehicles.

The evolution of the brand and its worldwide expansion forces to unify its image and it was when a logo arrived that possibly you will recognize, formed by four quadrilaterals inclined 18 degrees with the inscription Fiat on a black background in the first epoch and later blue. Already in 1983 the five vertical bars reach the calender of the One and from there to the rest of the models.

And in 1999 the past is returned with a circular logo with a blue background, reviving that of the 1920s but modernised and simplified. Something like the current one, which being round evokes the era of rectangular logos with a red background from 1931 to 1968, of course, it is now three-dimensional and simple at the same time. verticals reach the calender of the One and from there to the rest of the models.

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