Within the wide catalog of toy cars collectible that Hot Wheels presents us, one of its most valued sections is the one with honda hot wheels. The manufacturer of toy vehicles has made, over the years, a large number of models that simulate the original cars of the japanese company. Honda, which is a benchmark in the automotive sector, stands out as a company with many years of experience, as well as faithfully committed to sustainable mobility.

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In the honda hot wheels brand we can see the main features printed by the Tokyo-based company in their real vehicles, which is why, all cars honda hot wheels, have become a unique collection pieces. The highlights are the honda civic hot wheels collections and the exclusive 1985 honda crx hot wheels.

The Hot Wheels Honda collections

The honda civic hot wheels are of the model if and the first collection that was launched on the market dates back to the year 2001. Although within the original Honda Civic there are many modalities, in particular the collection that presents hot wheels for this automobile firm is based on the Coupé Body Style design. It is the first version that Hot Wheels designed for Honda. Specifically, this collection has 23 models that have been manufactured from 2001 to the present. All of them have included improvements, both internally and externally, giving them new colors, greater speed or power. The latest design that belongs to this collection has been released to the market very recently and belongs to the 70th anniversary series.

As for the hot wheels honda civic if 2006, which are part of the second collection of this model, we must say that we can choose from 28 different designs. On this occasion, Hot Wheels continued to be modeled after the classic Honda car although it made some modifications. A sport-style rear spoiler and a ventilated hood were added, as well as a slightly lower ride height than previous models. It has more than a decade old, so it is a perfect car for the best collectors. Currently, hot wheels honda civic si 2006 continues to increase its collection, with a final design that has also been made to celebrate the 70th anniversary and that presents a light blue electric color that makes this design unique in the world.

1985, the year of the most emblematic Honda in Hot Wheels

Within the collection that simulates the models of the 80s, we must highlight the 85 Honda City Turbo II. It is a unique and innovative design that, the moment we see it, we will be transported quickly to that golden age. It is a model that completely defies the aesthetics of this decade, more robust and sporty, leaving behind the elegance of the cars of the 80s. Throughout this year, the best models of this collection have come out, which count with excellent speed charts.

But if there is a collection that stands out in relation to this era that one is the 1985 Honda Crx Hot Wheels and more specifically, the 85 Honda CR-X model. The original design became a racing model and we can see this in the replica that Hot Wheels has made of this Honda vehicle. From 2012 this collection was launched on the market that culminates with a unique matte black design, to also commemorate the 70th anniversary.

The first version of 1985 honda crx hot wheels debuted in the series The Hot Ones, that is why any collector of this type of vehicle will be interested in taking this model that revolutionized the market at that time.

In addition to the aforementioned collections, in all the models that Hot Wheels has made from Honda we must also emphasize the honda civic ef hot wheels, with a very striking design and great color, which presents the typical trends of cars of the 90s. For collectors this type of vehicles have become indispensable toy cars that we should all have on our shelves. Are we ready to have a few Honda Hot Wheels? Now it is easy to find some of the cars, but over the years it will be very difficult to buy them at a reasonable price, so do not waste your time!

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