From long time ago the cars of the Hot Wheels brand have been the main toys to recommend within their category, both for their good design and the excellent value for money that characterizes them. With them we have dreamed while we have been children, we have competed with our friends and now that we are older we collect them as our little treasures. Show More

    Of course, there is no greater joy than being able to share with our children the fun of play and collec these cars manufactured by Mattel that have given us so many joys throughout life.

    The leading toy cars

    The origin of Hot Wheels cars dates back to 1968 and they are a creation of Elliot Handler. In those days, the toy cars that succeed were those of the Matchbox brand, which had no rival at time. The creator of Hot Wheels thought that if the cars of the other brand chose realistic designs that seemed real, what he would do would be to invent fantasy cars that made the children dream. That led to the launch of a total of 16 cars that were marketed in 1968. A total of 11 of them were designed by Harry Bentley Bradley, designer and personalizer of vehicles of international fame. That allowed the collection to start with real ideas, like a Camaro hot wheels, but to present itself with fantasy elements and varied designs that attracted much attention from the public. The popularity of the toy was high and in 1969 a new collection arrived.

    The success of the first Hot Wheels toy cars was highlighted by the second collection, which made the name of the brand known throughout the United States. These new cars were not designed by Bradley, because he had already left the toy industry to get back to real cars. But Bradley, aware of the importance of the project, recommended another specialist and it was he who designed the cars. It was Ira Gilford, who created some of the best Hot Wheels of all time.

    From there, the Hot Wheels vehicles continued to success and continue to do so today, being one of the most popular toy toys in the world. There are currently Hot Wheels models at scales 1.64, 1:43, 1:18 and 1:50, and the competition with the Matchbox cars has disappeared because Mattel is also the owner of that brand since 1997.

    Hot Wheels Collections

    As time has passed, the Hot Wheels toy cars have been transformed into a true collector’s item. Although the new models maintain their usual price ranges, to get some of the older models series collectors have to be willing to pay large amounts. But this is a hobby that satisfies and compensates, given that each of the cars is a small work of art in which the effort that has been deposited is very noticeable.

    The collections of Hot Wheels cars are currently trying to please all customers, both children who want fancy cars that make them dream that they drive at high speed as the adults who want to have in their hands and on their shelves curious cars and original designs. This leads to the availability of extravagantly designed toy cars that have been created to be able to reach the highest levels of speed in the circuits and cars that represent, for example, some of the most famous vehicles of cinema and television. Collectors are excited to have the Knight Rider car, the Scooby Doo van, the Simpsons car or even the motorized Snoopy booth on their bookshelf. This variety makes it possible to always find a new vehicle to add to the collection. And it is a very attractive hobby, since buying new cars does not have a high price and can be done regularly to maintain the enthusiasm of the collector.

    Something more than a toy

    There is no doubt in saying that Hot Wheels is one of the most important toys of all time. It has managed to transcend, to become something more than a toy, becoming a passion, a hobby that can be shared by both children and adults in a common way. That gets the brand keeps advancing year after year with other derived products like some video game, new cars and models that help to keep the spirit alive, and we can know that whatever happens in life and in the world, there will always continue to have new models of Hot Wheels that we can buy to add to our collection.

    Mattel is responsible for one of the toys that will never stop us from dreaming, one that we enjoyed like when we were kids and that we share with our children every day. Each new car is a dream, a way to connect with the collector and child inside of us. The speed of the Hot Wheels will continue to increase, but our passion for them will never disappear.

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