If you’re a fan and collector of all Hummer car models. This series of Hummer that Mattel launched for Hot Wheels will interest you. Let’s talk a bit about this Hummer series. This mainline cars include the most relevant models of the Hummer brand. All of the castings come on a 1:64 scale.

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How many versions are there?

There are 8 versions of the Hummer in this series. The Humvee from 1992 was the first year for the Hot Wheels Hummer. In 1998, the name was changed to Humvee.

The Hummer was launched in 2000. A Hot Wheels based on the Hummer H1 Wagon debuted in the Xtreme Trucks 2-Car Set.

Blings Hummer H2 was released in 2004 in the first series of the 2004 editions. The¬†Hummer H2 was released in the same year as part of the Whips Collectible series. The Hummer H2 is a Hot Wheels casting that debuted in 2004 in the ‘Whips’ series. It has had limited use in premium and seasonal series.

The Hummer H3T Concept was released in 2004 as well in the first series of the 2004 editions. The Blings Hummer H3 was released one year later in 2005 in the first series of the 2005 editions.

Hummer H2 followed in 2006 in the first series of 2006 editions. Hummer H2 SUT was finally released in 2008 in the New Models 2008 series, based on the production SUV of the same name, debuting in the New Models 2008 for the first time.

If you haven’t seen the Hot Wheels Hummer you need, look for the Hummer Matchbox.