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This vehicle brand was famous and recognized as a U.S. racing team that built prototypes of these racing cars during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Show More

    Hap Sharp and Jim Hall were the two great thinking minds that created this project and the Chaparral brand. Jim Hall was also a recognized Texas oil magnate who combined his engineering skills with the tenacity of the best car drivers.

    The brand began in 1962 and saw in the 30 years of life that it had great sporting successes, such as the 1980 victory of the Indianapolis 500 miles.

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    This brand of racing cars had a prosperous life until its end in 1982 and disputed a variety of engine awards such as: SCCA/CASC, the CanAm and the European FIA Group 7.
    This brand was very characteristic because it was the first to effectively introduce air intakes ranging from the spoilers attached to the first two models of the driver-controlled “wing wing” type on the 2E model.

    The development carried out by the Chaparral brand for the creation of racing cars meant key changes in the 60s and 70s, both in the creation of a new way of understanding aerodynamics and in the use of tires.

    Thanks to all these revolutionary changes, Jim Hall, thanks to the successes achieved by Chaparral, became part of the team of engineers of both Chevrolet and the Firestone brand of tires, leaving in each of his work his ingenuity and determination to revolutionize the world of car racing.
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