When the Hot Wheels took their first steps at the end of the 60s, many did not imagine that they would end up needing practically each and every one of the products that this brand launches every new year. And is that this signature belongs to Mattel, the giant of toys, so if someone knew well what was the key to success, those were undoubtedly them.

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    And they found him, what if they gave! Because 50 years after its launch, Hot Wheels continues to bring to the market miniature cars of all leading brands to the point that, beyond being mere toys, have become a whole collection item.

    And it could not be otherwise if we take into account that Hot Wheels has under its belt such interesting brands as Jaguar and its jaguar hot wheels. With this, the brand demonstrates once again that it is capable of bringing high-end car models to any type of pocket. We can not drive them, but we can all have them in our room. And gathering all the Jaguar models is not something anyone can do…

    The XJ range of Jaguar Hot Wheels

    Cutting-edge technology, sportsmanship and sophistication. These are the three pillars on which the Jaguar XJ range is based according to the brand’s own words, and these are the values that Hot Wheels has tried to collect in the miniature replicas based on these models that it has been launching with the Over the years. And judging by its success, we would say that it has achieved it in a big way. Thus, walking through the catalog of Hot Wheels we can find the coveted hot wheels jaguar xjs, a replica based on the car of the same name that the English brand launched in 1975 and that lasted until 1996.

    How could it not translate Hot Wheels into its Jaguar series the model that more time has been produced in the firm? And when we say more time, we mean that even exceeded in years of sale to his beloved predecessor the E-Type (also available in hot wheels jaguar e type). From 1978 to 1983 and with its brand new blue tinted glass, the jaguar hot wheels xjs were available in gray, blue, gold with silver touches and in a unique brown tone.

    Shorter was the production of hot wheels jaguar xj40, which were in the market from 1995 to 1997. These were based on the Jaguar XJ40 which was the first manufacture of the Anglo-Saxon company since it separated from British Leyland. The first model that was launched was a replica of a classic British police car, made in yellow and white, that even had the light bar on the roof. The following ones, one for the whole world and the other launched only in Europe, were a blue model very similar to each other, but with different wheels. All these cars are now collector’s items very sought after by people from all over the world who want to have the best collection of Hot Wheels.

    The most popular Jaguar Hotwheels

    Beyond the XJ range, the jaguar hot wheels have not stopped growing and have included among their creations several delights for any collector of Hot Wheels that boasts. Its flagship product is the jaguar xj220 hot wheels, which, designed by the experienced Larry Wood in a gray color with bright dyes, has been on the market nothing more and nothing less than since 1993. This is only a year after the English company It will launch the car itself in real life and since then the model has become a bestseller in dealerships … and in toy stores.

    This best seller is accompanied by the Mattel brand others such as the hot wheels jaguar d type, manufactured from 1998 to 2003, and that perfectly reproduced the car that created Jaguar Motors in the 50s and with which he won the Le circuit -Mans. All candy for collectors, as is also the hot wheels jaguar xk8, based on the Jaguar XK8, successor model of the XJS and has been making Hot Wheels a whopping 20 years.

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