Jeep is a U.S. brand of all-terrain automobiles created by Willys-Overland in 1941, and today is a division of FCA US LLC, a subsidiary of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group of automobiles. Jeep has been an iconic and legendary 4×4 sport utility vehicle for 70 years.

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    The history of Jeep officially begins in 1941 when Ford and Willys-Overland began manufacturing Jeep vehicles in their factories in Ohio, United States But it was in 1938 when it was planned how the Jeep was going to be.

    A unique brand…

    In 1940, the U.S. Army asked U.S. vehicle manufacturers to submit bids for a small, four-wheel-drive vehicle that could serve different tasks and missions, with outstanding performance, stability, range, reliability, and maintenance capabilities. This request became more urgent when Axis forces began to gain victories in Europe and North Africa, so the U.S. military would accept only proposals that could be fulfilled within 49 days.

    The current logo represents the front of a vehicle. It consists of two circles representing headlights and vertical bars that form the grille. The word Jeep is just above the drawing. The curious thing about this is that this emblem is never seen on cars; they only have the word Jeep on them. The logo as such is only used for advertising and marketing.

    When we talk about Jeep as a brand, we are not only talking about who created the concept as such; we are also talking about vehicles that have known how to be faithful to the essence of that first model created: the one whose spirit is present in each of the models that the brand has produced since it stopped manufacturing special Jeeps for military use.

    In short, the history of Jeep exemplifies the way that from a well-defined concept, brands can make it endure and remain in time by adapting it to changing times and admitting slight variations in it, but in the background, make its essence remain intact.

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