“When you stop working, you start to die.” Ferruccio Lamborghini.

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    This was not surprising if we take into account that Hot Wheels has been launching, since its inception, miniature replicas of all types of teams choosing their most successful or notable models for various reasons. Even cars that appeared on television series or in movies also have a place in Hot Wheels.

    And among all the brands present, there could not be giants of the creation of luxury sports such as Lamborghini, the Italian brand created in 1963, designed as a direct competition of the well-known Ferrari team. In 1988 the first lamborghini hot wheels with the launch of lamborghini countach hot wheels would appear and, from there, a score of other models enlarge the lamborghini hotwheels collection.

    The iconic Lamborghini Countach

    From 1974 until the early 90s, Lamborghini produced one of the most recognizable cars and is still recognized today, the Lamborghini Countach. His name, coming from a piropo in Piedmontese, broke molds in the company for being the first one that had no relation in the bullfighting; and its wedge-shaped design made it one of the most popular models. Its version lamborghini countach hot wheels is one of the most demanded by collectors, who have no problem in getting one of them because the miniature model is still produced today. During the first years, almost all the models that were found were designed in white color and with their characteristic spoiler in the back until reaching the gray ones and the most modern ones, which are manufactured in reddish and orange colors.

    The same color is his version cartoon hot wheels lamborghini tooned countach, which undoubtedly became one of the most acclaimed miniatures of its year of release (2004) due to the striking shapes in which it was manufactured. Even today it continues to be sold, just like the hot wheels lamborghini countach pace car, an edition fresh out of the oven this same 2018 famous, in 1983, for being the safety car of the Grand Prix of that year. Special mention deserves the hot wheels lamborghini countach 25th anniversary, an edition launched in 1997 and based, precisely, on the edition of this car that was produced in 1988 to commemorate the anniversary of Lamborghini and included that characteristic large rear. Its yellow color attracted the attention of collectors and driving enthusiasts, who could continue enjoying the hot wheels lamborghini countach 25th anniversary for several more years. The last known model of this design was manufactured in 2013.

    Much more to offer in the world of Hot Wheels

    However, of a brand as important in the world of sports cars as Lamborghini, Hot Wheels could not only launch a single collection and there are many other notable models beyond the fantastic Countach. We find, of course, the lamborghini venom hot wheels that has been manufactured since 2014 with those long futuristic doors that characterize it or lamborghini aventador hot wheels (with hot wheels lamborghini aventador j blue version, hot wheels lamborghini aventador black, hot wheels lamborghini aventador white or hot wheels lamborghini aventador j yellow) manufactured, in principle, in a beautiful metallic red. Its first version was found in 2013 and today it continues to be manufactured together with the lamborghini aventador hot wheels lp, its predecessor of 2012.

    Hot Wheels completes its Lamborghini collection with many other models of the Italian firm, thus becoming one of the richest series of its brand. If you are starting in the world of collecting Lamborghini and are looking for other successes such as the Lamborghini Hurricane Hot Wheels, the Lamborghini Gallardo Hot Wheels or others such as Lamborghini Bat Hot Wheels or Lamburghini Urus Hot Wheels, do not suffer! Because you also have them and you will still have them in your miniature version. Definitely a whole collection of very luxurious sports cars are within reach of your shelves thanks to Mattel and Hot Wheels. Do you want to have them in your collection? every day they are more important in the world of Hot Wheels

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