The origin of the company

The origins of the Lincoln manufacturer resemble those of other firms. The history of the Hummer brand is similar to yours. Both manufacturers are contemporaries in time and the two served the Army at a given time, though not in the same way.

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    Hummer became the official manufacturer of U.S. Army vehicles in the 1980s, while Lincoln began building engines for Liberty aeroplanes. Once the war was over, its factories were fully dedicated to the production of automobiles.

    It was founded by Henry M. Leland, who in turn was one of the founders of the Cadillac firm. Leaving the company during World War I, he decided to create Lincoln Motor Company.

    The transition to which she was immersed was a difficult one and the manufacturer had to face quite serious financial problems. The solution was to stop being an independent firm and become part of Ford in 1922.

    The truth is that the operation was good for both manufacturers. Lincoln would become one of the U.S. manufacturers with the highest number of sales of luxury vehicles.

    The evolution of their vehicles

    The goal was to build a high-end car that would enhance the design of the Cadillac V8 that Leland had previously designed. This was quite complicated, but not impossible.

    The Lincoln-Zephyr was born with a more sporty air and almost does not become a brand, rather than a specific model. It entered the market in the thirties, although its production was closed in the early forties.

    However, the real evolution would begin with the great Continental Lincoln. This model was a design originated by Edsel Ford, the president of Ford, in collaboration with Eugene Turenne, the car designer of the firm Lincoln.

    The idea was to work on a prototype for personal use that would serve for his vacation in 1939. However, the patriarch of the great Ford empire did not bet on novelty, which is why Edsel used the Lincoln signature for his wheeling and dealing.

    This prototype became something more and from there was born the beautiful collaboration between Ford and Lincoln. Turenne developed this design from the Lincoln Zephyr. The result could not have been better, a vehicle of great power and elegant appearance, whose rear spare wheel caused a sensation in the United States.

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