The Hot Wheels are here to stay. They did it starting in 1968 with the launch of their first series of miniature cars and they continue to do so today, with 50 years of history behind them. Their success lies, mainly, in that they have been able to bring all the fans interested in the engine and driving car models that, otherwise, could only have seen in photography.

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    Driving them is not the same as having them on the shelf, we know, but so far no one had done the same as Hot Wheels and, much less, in such a careful and economical way.

    Thus, less than 20 years after the birth of Hot Wheels, the first nissan hot wheels with the nissan 300zx hot wheels arrived in 1985, which continued to be manufactured until 1998. Many models have come after, the culprits that Nissan is one of the brands that have best positioned among the most sought after designs of Hot Wheels.


    The spectacular Skyline Hot Wheels series

    The Nissan Skyline was a sports car that the Japanese company began to create in 2005 and that was in constant evolution until its cessation of manufacture in 2007, although afterwards they have continued following the model with another denomination. Soon the Skyline and its model GT-R (whose prototype is still manufactured today) became a bestseller and a symbol of the team, so it is not surprising that Hot Wheels decided to adapt the series and launch nissan skyline hot wheels.

    The first launch of hot wheels nissan skyline was in 2002, and was based on the homonymous model of 1990 with some variations from the original as for example the elimination of the rear seats. These models are still being produced today, although the real success of Hot Wheels in the production of Nissan took place in 2010 when it sold the hot wheels nissan gtr or hot wheels nissan skyline gtr 34 as it is also known. This series continues to be produced today and is one of the most successful models of this Mattel brand. Metallic gray, metallic blue, red or burgundy are some of the colors in which we can find this model that was part of the saga hot wheels nissan skyine gtr r34 fast and furious.


    Nissan Z, safe brand value

    This is one of those cases in which the order of the factors does not alter the product, because just as iconic is for Nissan the Z series as it is Skyline. And that’s why Hot Wheels did not want to miss the opportunity to offer this jewel of the engine to its staunch collectors (who, at that time, still were not as much as they are now) and launched the first model of the Z series hot wheels nissan z whiz in 1977, which produced until 1984 with details of striking colors.

    Next, Hot Wheels continued its journey in the Z series with the creation of the nissan 300zx hot wheels, a sporty two-door that was part of the so-called “third generation” of these Z-series cars from Nissan. After, and after the miniature commercialization of hot wheels nissan custom z, Hot Wheels also dared with the hot wheels nissan Datsun 240 z (which was just a way to sell the Fairlady Z to other markets) and with its custom version.

    But it was in 2016, a couple of short years ago when the designer Jun Imai went to work to launch the hot wheels nissan fairlady z, one of the crown jewels of the Japanese brand marketed in blue, black, yellow , Red and blue. And all this without forgetting other models highly demanded both in the real driving market and in the collector’s market such as the nissan 370z hot wheels, the hot wheels nissan Silvia or the hot wheels nissan titan.

    Hot Wheels can with everything and shows it year after year with the launch of new cars that delight both the little ones who play with them and, of course, collectors. And we hope that the Hot Wheels cars, especially those of the Nissan brand, will continue to stay with us for many more years. Our collection will grow every day!

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