This category includes an endless number of types of cars that will be impossible not to attract your attention and that you will not find easily in real life, since few of them have been reproduced in real scale and are simply miniature cars. Are you ready to step into this incredible collection?

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    Ready for fantasy cars?
    These cars are the result of the imagination of the most famous designers of the brand hotwheels, but thanks to great designs some have become reality, as is the case of Roborace, a car that has been finished by making to scale and that works in perfect conditions. In fact, it works so well, that in addition to that has planned to organize a race with this type of cars. Also it is possible to say that this car apart from being a car that first was thought for miniature and then was carried out in the real life, it is a car with a very peculiar and unique characteristic, since it is a completely autonomous car of races, in which the pilot directly is not to hands of the car, but it is the own car the one that drives. Roborace also plans to become a competition of this type of cars in which 10 teams will participate with two cars per team in which each team will develop its own artificial intelligence, which will be the one that drives the cars, and in which the ability of this intelligence will make the difference in the circuit and will be the decisive point to win or lose the competition.
    In addition, within this category we also find cars that have appeared in all kinds of films and series but that did not exist in reality as can be the batmobil or other types of cars.

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