This is one of the most emblematic and famous brands in France, the Peugeot. This brand was born in France in 1810, being one of the oldest in the country and has more than 200 years. The company employs almost two hundred thousand people and has factories all over the world. Its founder was Armand Peugeot. After family disagreements, Armand Peugeot founds “Société anonyme des automobiles Peugeot” (Peugeot Automobile Public Limited Company) in 1896 which will become a leading brand during the crazy years.

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    Today, kitchen utensils are manufactured by Peugeot Saveurs.
    The PSA Group, formed after the takeover of Peugeot by Citroën in 1976, is the second-largest manufacturer in Europe3 and essentially manufactures two- and four-wheeled vehicles for private individuals.
    Peugeot has received numerous awards for its vehicles, including 5 Car of the Year in Europe, 9 Car of the Year in Spain, 5 Car of the Year in Italy, 4 or 2 Car of the Year in Ireland.
    In terms of competition, Peugeot won the World Rally Championship five times, the Dakar Rally seven times, the Le Mans Intercontinental Cup twice (2010, 2011), beating Toyota and Audi twice, the World Endurance Championship twice (1992, 1993), and the Intercontinental Rally Challenge Championship three times.

    The story behind the logo

    The brand is also known for having one of the most characteristic logos that can be found in the motor world because it is a lion. This comes from 1858, where Armand’s father managed to register it as a symbol of his emerging company, since at that time, were dedicated to the manufacture of saws, which were characterized by being resistant, flexible and fast to cut, thus assuming that the lion was the animal that best fit these characteristics and would be perfect to become the emblem of the brand. What is clear that the father of Peugeot’s founder would not suppose is that even in 2019 his lion would continue to have repercussions worldwide.

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