Walter Chrysler was, in 1918, one of North America’s leading automobile manufacturers. His company mainly manufactured high-end, high-priced cars such as Imperial, Chrysler and Dodge.

Chevrolet and Ford made cheaper cars. This changed in 1926. That year, the Chrysler Corporation launched some new models with 6-cylinder engines, which resulted in Walter Chrysler founding a new brand for current 4-cylinder engines.

He called the brand Plymouth, for the English city from which came those who founded the state of Massachusetts in the seventeenth century. As logo of the company was chosen the boat of these emigrants, the Mayflower.

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    The timeline.

    The creation of the Plymouth brand was a success in the market. First year of production: 1928.

    In 1930, the whole world was suffering from depression and the automobile industry was particularly affected.

    In those days, expensive cars could not be sold at all. As the Plymouths were relatively cheap, the brand was less affected.

    In 1933 the Plymouth also had a 6-cylinder engine, in response to Ford’s introduction of an economical 8-cylinder engine.

    Due to the little success of the model, in April 1933 was launched a new larger model similar to the Dodge but had a great success.

    In 1936 Plymouth set new sales records. As the height of the models had been lowered by 3 cm, they looked much more sporty. All models had a 6-cylinder engine and developed 82 hp. On February 9th the last pre-war unit came off the assembly line.

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