We present one of the most emblematic and popular brands in the French and European motor market. This is no other brand than Renault. Today, it is dedicated to the manufacture of cars, commercial vehicles, and racing vehicles.

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    The firm was founded in 1898 by the three Renault brothers; Louis, Marcel and Fernand. During the birth of the brand, the Renault brothers, manufactured their vehicles in an old shed near where they lived with the family, is curious and to highlight as a hundred years later, Renault came to own most of American Motors Corporation (AMC) and the brand Jeep, which years later ended up selling to Chrysler in 1987.

    The dark site of Renault…

    But not all the history of the brand has been glorious and brilliant. In 1944, during the Second World War, Louis Renault was arrested in his stately home near the Arc de Triomphe. He was convicted of treason, as he was accused of rearming the Nazi army, which at that time occupied France, as its vehicle factories sought repairs and created new armored vehicles used by the German army. After being imprisoned, tortured and degraded, Louis Renault was shot down, even reaching the point of going several times into a coma until he finally died on October 24 of that same year.
    But despite its heavy black in those years where Europe was devastated and devastated, the brand managed to recover from that negative publicity even receiving several awards for the car of the year in different countries and continents, as well as coming to fight in Formula 1 awards with the mythical brands like Ferrari or McLaren from you to you, getting several world prizes in the competition from the hand of the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso.

    Today, the company has more than twenty factories around the world, being in France and Spain where it has more presence at the time of manufacturing their vehicles.

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