People had been dreaming of electric cars for decades, but except hybrid engines, little progress had been made. That was the dynamic until a company named after the forgotten and vindicated inventor of alternating current, Nikola Tesla, appeared to change everything. The development of fully electric supercars was already a reason to look at the visionary manufacturers of Tesla Motors. This combined with a charismatic leader with a Silicon Valley philosophy such as Elon Musk was the definitive factor to consolidate its relevance in the automotive sector.

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Despite being a young company that was founded just over 10 years ago, no one can deny its innovation in the creation of revolutionary vehicles and inventions. For the same reason, we have decided to immerse ourselves in the history of a company that seeks to twist paradigms and customs to completely change them. So, we bring you 10 curious facts that perhaps you didn’t know about Tesla Motors.

The company was kept secret for 3 years

Tesla Motors was originally founded in 2003 but was not noticed until 2006 when it unveiled its first creation, the Roadster. During that time it kept a low profile to avoid industrial espionage. Thus, only a few knew of its existence and even fewer knew of its revolutionary plans.


In 2014, Musk announced that all its patents were free for anyone who wants to make advances or improvements on them, as long as it is in good faith. A strong legal wall protects them against false allegations of plagiarism, so they see no problem in making their plans available to anyone who wants to consult them.

They’re gonna light up your house soon.

Elon Musk has been crowned the king of energy when he unveiled the Powerwall battery, a system that allows you to have free electricity in your home. Applying lithium-ion technology, this $3,000 USD rechargeable battery can store energy if connected to a solar panel and this makes it unnecessary to consume the electricity grid. As expected, he has harvested detractors as well as admirers. If you want to know more about how it works, you can read our note about it.

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