Customer Support

You need help with an order? Got lost with the process of making a purchase online? Not happy with the package that just arrived at your home? Although we doubt that that might ever happen. 😉 But just in case…

Don’t worry, there are Friki People working here that are pleased to get you back on track.

There are plenty of ways to get your answers answered and/ or your problems solved.

If you don’t like talking to monkies, I mean people, you can first have a look at our FAQ section. One of the favourite ones is about shipping. The answer is yes! We will also ship to your country. We do it worldwide. Shipping I mean. 🙂

If you need a more customized answer don’t hesitate and contact us. We do answer from Monday to Friday in less than 24 hours. Promised!

In social networks you could even get a faster answer. But that is not promised!

  • Facebook Page – fancy photoshoped images normally once per day from Monday to Friday.
  • Instagram Profile – live videos, random pictures from the shop and other content
  • Twitter Account – trolling other collectors (just kidding but kind of!)
  • Youtube (not yet but we hope to find an intern to exploit with that task soon)

Before I forget. We are into languages as well.

Hablamos español de pueblo. Wir verstehen deutsche Witze (und finden Sie witzig). Nous pouvons parler de l’amour en français si tu veux. Se vuoi, possiamo parlare di calcio.

I think that’s it! Don’t forget to check out our daily deals.