Frequently Asked Questions

You probably want to know why our mascot is a monkey. Why we come from Spain? Why we started with all this. So many questions… Let’s go ahead and answer at least some of them.

About Friki Monkey

Are you real monkies?

Do you mean animals? No, it’s just the name silly! Sorry, it’s not good to call a (potential) customer like that. I wanted to say “Sir” or “Madam”. But why don’t you check out our Friki People page? You’ll get pictures of us as well! Just a tiny comment about the photos. On that day we had not much sleep and lightning was really bad. We are normally really handsome! 😉

When did Friki Monkey start?

It all begins in January of 2017. We called ourselves back than which is the Spanish name for collectors. The first items were sold even earlier via Wallapop which is a Spanish marketplace app for selling second hand stuff and/or other items such as Hot Wheels. After noticing that there was a gap in the collector space for diecast in Spain we decided to fill it out.

In August 2018 we officially launched In English this time as our growing customer base was no more only Spanish. Our focus is especially the European collector community as shippings cost can be kept at a reasonable amount. We welcome other international sellers as well, but it might make sometimes more sense to order somewhere else because of higher shipping costs and delivery time.

Do you collect yourself?

Yes, we do indeed. I think once you get in touch with these items you can’t avoid to fall in love with them. Within our inner circle of direct workers and collaborators we have Lego, Funko Pop and especially Hot Wheels collectors. We have a special weakness for Nissan Skyline, rally cars and VW Beach Bombs.

Where are you based?

In Spain actually. San Juan de Alicante to be more precise. It’s not Madrid or Barcelona. But hey, we have one of the most beautiful beaches of the planet. Although we work hard, we also have a good quality of life. You only live once they say. Right?

Do you sell also on Amazon, Ebay or other marketplaces?

Yes, we do. We started doing so with our former seller name “Befriki”. In order to avoid conflicts with similar trademark holders we decided to switch to Friki Monkey. In Amazon Germany you probably know us under Beguerrilla.

Ebay and Amazon are very competitive places. If you can distinguish yourself as a seller there you can make it anywhere. We care very much about our customers. I know, I know, everybody says that. But the good thing is that in Amazon and Ebay it gets measured. In both marketplaces we have over 99% positive feedback rate in almost every country. It’s not 100%, I agree. But hey, nobody is perfect!

Do you have physical stores?

Yes, we do. Another funny story. We actually changed our offices to move to a bigger place in 2016. It happens that it was an old sports store. Besides the space and affordable rental price, it has two giant shopping windows. In the beginning we felt a bit exposed when we started to work there. Eveybody that went by looked inside! So we decided to cover them with an adhesive vinyl. Despite that intent to work “undercover” people came inside as they still could see our impressive Hot Wheels wall and actually started buying. In order not to infringe any Spanish law we first got a shop licence. And finally in spring of 2018 we decided to get serious and become a real store. It was easy. We separated office from physical store and we now are an officially online-offline business. Amazing!

PS: to sum it up. We currently have one store (hopefully opening more of them soon).


How much do you charge for shipping?

It depends. If you live in Spain than you will pay under 4 euros. In case you are resident of an EU country it starts at a 50% higher shipping cost. Still far under 10 euros. For 10 euros we can ship a bunch of cars. Just add them to your shopping basket and put your adress. You will get than a precise calculation.

How fast can you ship?

Sometimes very fast. Sounds funny but it doesn’t depend only on us as we don’t take the parcel directly to your home. Once we get an order we prepare it for shipping the same day. If it’s International it has to be before 2 p.m. (CET) and if the customer lives in Spain before 4 p.m. For Spain it takes between 24-72 hours. For EU orders 5-14 days. We always ship priority with a tracking number.

Do you ship priority?

Yes, of course.

Do you have a tracking number?

Yes, we have. We currently are working on the integration so just ask us if you need it. In most cases you already have our parcel before you expected it.

Are the collector items in good shape?

Generally yes. We are aware of the fact that the condition gives value to the item. That’s why we specify it in every product description. In case the product is in bad shape (e.g. scratches or bad card) we will tell you so.

That is what we put under “specification” and what it means.

If an item is packaged the condition described refers to the package. The inner content if not otherwise described should be in an almost perfect shape. If a product is sold without the original packaging the condition refers directly to the item.

Mint condition – after many internal discussions we have decided to not use it. For a collector basicall it means perfection. In the real world there is no such thing. You will always find a minor imperfection. So, even if we consider the ítem to be perfect we don’t say so. We know how it leaves our shop but the parcel services can be quite violent sometimes. Despite our extremely careful packaging we cannot guarantee that it’ll be still delivered as mint. That’s why.

Near mint condition – that’s normally an item in a perfect condition. As said above. We don’t use mint.

Very good condition – as it says. You can have tiny imperfections. Most of the collectors probably wouldn’t mind but some of them do. That’s why “very good” is not “near mint” but at a first glance in an optimum condition.

Fair condition – here finally we have imperfections at a first look. For many collectors still aceptable but purists should stay away. Light scratches, more than one soft corner, scratch(es) in the blister and/or card, etc. may be there.

Poor condition – ideally especially for collectors that don’t care about the packaging. In general you can expect important discounts when a product with the original packaging is described as “poor condition”. The content is normally in perfect shape if not otherwise desribed. If in a fair condition you can find light scratches, more than one soft corner, scratch(es) in the blister and/or card, etc. you will have more of them and worse in an item specified with a poor condition.

How do you package the items?

In short: very carefully. We are aware of the fact that parcels can have a quite rough trip sometimes. We have seen mistreated packages. Very ugly stories. Actually our first feedback on Ebay was negative because of a bad packaging. Has never happened again since then. We were lucky to learn our lesson very son.

I can say with confidence that we take every posible measure to assure that our items arrive in the very same condition they left our shop. If the parcel gets heavier and more expensive because of the packaging we asume the extra cost. We believe that a happy collector is worth it.

More Friki Monkey related questions

Can I return my order?

Of course you can! The least thing we want is an unhappy customer. From the legal point of view you have 14 days. But hey, we are monkey! We don’t count the days. Just tell us what went wrong and we’ll fix it. Promised!

Do you buy collections?

In some cases we do. Sometimes former collectors expect to sell their live-long collection for triple the money they bought it. We are collectors but we have a business, too. So we can only buy at reseller prices. If you have a good collection and offer it at a reasonable price let’s talk!

Do you barter items?

Yes, sometimes we do. In our experience it starts to make sense if you start bartering at least 20 items or 50 euros of value. So, if you have something in that direction let’s talk!

Do you restock items that are sold out?

Yes, we do but not as frequent as we would like to. We want to offer reasonable prices and that means we have to find good buying opportunities. In very rare items it always takes longer. Sometimes perhaps even years. So, if you see something that you like with a low inventory don’t think about it twice. Grab it before it’s too late.

Why should I buy from you instead getting the item of Amazon?

Good question! Amazon is a huge e-commerce and can offer the lowest prices for a variety of products. Truth is that in the collector’s niche they normally don’t. Items are much more expensive there than elsewhere. Price should not be the main argument because it’s very volatile. Amazon has not adapted it’s packaging procedures to these kind of products. And they probably never will. In general they do a good job but from a collector’s perspective they lack of experience in handling fragile collector items.

Why should I buy from you instead getting the item from Ebay?

Another good question. Ebay is much better in terms of shipping and handling as you buy always from a seller that most of the time knows that it’s feedback depends on how the item arrives. You have less surprises here. Still you order always from different sellers. In average the result is very good in our experience but there will be always some surprises. The more you buy, the higher the probability. With Friki Monkey you have less surprises (as I said earlier, we are not perfect). In case you are not satisfied you will get your money back or get a new item. 100% guaranteed, no discussions. Ask our recurring customers. Otherwise check out our ratings on Ebay, Amazon or our Facebook page.

Why do you not offer items in mint condition?

We consider “mint” to be perfection. In the real world this doesn’t exist. If you put a mint item under a microscope you will always find a flaw. You think we are exagerating? Probably. What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Easy. You will get an item in a better condition as described.